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Does the vita chip work with 5G?

Dear Vita-Chip users,

to our knowledge, 5G will only be installed nationwide in Germany in about two years. In Switzerland it has largely been expanded. The providers send at 5 gigahertz, which corresponds to today’s frequency of our WLAN.

We are currently carrying out tests with the Vita chip in Switzerland and the USA. According to our current knowledge, the Vita Chip 5G withstands. We continue to monitor and test and inform you about all further developments.

There is growing pressure from the population against an introduction, but whether this will be sufficient to prevent 5G is questionable. We do everything humanly possible to prevent 5G.

All the best and love

Your Peter Andres
November 26, 2019

What does bioresonance (device) mean?

Resonance literally means the physical resonance of a body with another body. “Bio” specifies the living organism of a human or animal. Bioresonance therapy assumes that the human body is penetrated and surrounded by a very weak but measurable electromagnetic field, and that these vibrations control biochemical processes in the body. In the case of diseases, these harmonic vibrations are transformed into disharmonious or if misinformation, e.g. B. due to toxin pollution, injuries, infections, etc., pathological processes can be triggered.

With a bioresonance device, this broadband “electromagnetic noise” of the organism is generally read in via a hand electrode. All “healthy and sick vibrations” are embedded in this data, which are processed and harmonized in the device. H. be strengthened or weakened.

Bioresonance therapy is a recognized natural healing method. Interesting information is available here .

What is an organic transmitter?

Biotransmitters transmit stored frequencies, signals and information at the submolecular level. Coming from biology and medicine, energy medicine has developed an independent, dynamic branch to maintain human health and vitality. Biotransmitters were originally developed for astronauts as an organic system for healing, harmonizing and vitalizing the human organism. Our vita system works based on this latest technology.

What are scalar waves?

In addition to the known electromagnetic fields and radiation, there are a variety of other radiation fields that most people have never heard of, but which nevertheless have a positive and negative influence on us. This also includes so-called scalar waves, which were researched by the German scientist Prof. Konstantin Meyl. These waves permeate everything that exists in matter. So it should. B. be possible to destroy cancer cells using scalar waves and Tesla technology. More on this in the video scalar waves in medicine. The vita systems are able to recognize scalar waves and interference vibrations and to cancel them with the corresponding counter vibrations.

What is a vita chip made of?

The vita chip biotransmitter consists of a plastic as a carrier material and 13 different mineral crystals (magnetite crystals) incorporated into it. These minerals (e.g. magnesium, calcium) resonate with the electromagnetic field of the human organism and support or intensify the transmission of the stored information down to the last cell.

Do the Vita systems differ?

All vita chips have the same appearance and composition of materials. vita chip E, System 8 Home and Office, Quantum are all equally informed. Vita System Car and Food are adapted to the desired circumstances.

Where is the best place for the vita chip when I am in pain?

In the study by Dr. Schneider was stuck a vita chip on the pain area with a sports tape or large plaster. Warning: The 3M sticker is only intended for devices. A second vita chip is stuck on the cell phone. This gave the best results. If you wear the vita chip on your body, it has a very harmonizing, vitalizing and increases your well-being. You can achieve a stronger effect in connection with an electronic HF device (e.g. cell phone). The electromagnetic field increases the effect and resonates with the human body.

Do you offer collars for dogs and cats?

No, unfortunately not yet, but we are in the process of developing something like this.

Is the vita chip waterproof?

The vita chip is waterproof and can be washed at up to 50 ° C.

Is the effectiveness of the Quantum trailer comparable to a chip on an electronic device?

The mode of action is the same, but the effect is enhanced by the electromagnetic field.

Will it still work if I use a case or cover?

The way it works is not affected by a cover or sleeve.

Can I remove the vita chip again and stick it on another device?

You can detach the vita chip at any time and attach it to another device.

Can the vita chips from the vita chip system 8 be divided?

You can split the vita chips. Protection is not affected.

Is the vita chip compatible with other products?

We are not aware of any interference with other products. The vita chip works on a different basis than that of our competitors.

Where do I place the vita chips?

The vita chips can be attached to any location on an HF device (high-frequency device), e.g. Mobile phone, computer, TV, DECT phone, WLAN, baby monitor, electrical devices, etc. A double-sided adhesive label for peeling is located on the back of the vita chip.

I am very sensitive. Can I also use the vita chip?

Very sensitive people can initially react a little more to the strong vibrations of the vita chip. In these cases, temporary worsening or slight pressure on the forehead can occur, which usually subside after a few days. It is advisable to gradually equip the area, starting e.g. B. with the cell phone before additional HF devices are equipped.

The green dot has dropped. Does this affect the function of the vita chip?

The green dot itself has no effect. It is a distinguishing feature and distinguishes it from the vita system 8 “Car”.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us .

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