Vita System Informationstechnologie

Book: Vita System
With the latest information technology for new vitality and quality of life

Cell phone as a “healing” device?
Technical article in the “Space and Time”

Information medicine on the test bench
Technical article in the “NeuZeit Magazin”

Neuroscience and Biomedical Engeineering

Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Bentham Science Journal

Strahlenschutz im Auto

Tesla Test Drive

RECON – Research and Consulting
Dr. Rainer Schneider

Stress test with the Vita systems
Matthias Cebula alternative practitioner

Other publications on the Internet:–schutz–heilung–vitalitaet–vitachip–biotransmitter–bioresonanz–chip–elektrosmog–harmonisierer/


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Important Note:

The technology presented here (such as homeopathy, bioresonance, areas of acupuncture) does not correspond to the scholarly view and doctrine. The effects and effects of the products have not yet been confirmed scientifically and conventional medicine. The testimonials, both in text and image form, as well as those shown in videos, only reflect the experiences of individual users of the vita chip. You may or may not have the same experience. Please note that the vita chip is not a medical device, is not a conventional therapeutic method and cannot replace a visit to your doctor and / or alternative practitioner!

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